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So you’ve heard of waist training and are probably wanting to purchase one if you’ve found yourself reading this article.


 But before we touch base on our luxury waist training products, we want to answer the most commonly asked question on every waist training newbies lips –


In simple terms.. waist training has not been proven to not be safe. We want to attempt to clear up the misinformation about waist training and educate people about the best ways to use a waist trainer. Let’s get deep & talk facts baby!

Waist Trainers and corsets are NOT the same thing!

An old fashioned/conventional corset was a purposefully restrictive garment that was laced up, and made from a non flexible fabric, often woven fabric/material. It’s intention was to change the structure of your ribs, making them narrower. They were uncomfortable and dangerous.

A waist trainer is made from a flexible and stretchy yet sturdy material, designed to ‘give’ with movement, and also has a hook and eye fastening system, rather than a lace up back, again giving you the extra comfort and stretch.

A traditional corset.

Waist Training will NOT harm your internal organs.

A good quality waist trainer is as safe as wearing any other type of tight fitting clothing. As with all forms of fitness and weight loss, your muscles (which are constantly working while wearing shape wear and part of what makes shape wear so effective) do need time to rest and your skin needs time to breathe. Our waist training and shape wear products are designed to be snug but comfortable when worn safely (up to 8 hours a day).

A traditional corset has bones (now made of steel rather than whale bones), with a hook and eye fastening at the front and lacing at the back.

Waist Trainers are not just for your ‘waist’.

We know what you’re thinking..”then why is it called a waist trainer?” But it’s impossible to cover all of the benefits a waist trainer has in just two words!

Waist trainers are also commonly used for posture correction, reducing tiger marks, underneath tight clothing (to help flatten your figure) and for toning up.

How to know which MinnieGotSkinnie Waist Trainer is best for you.

The gorgeous @laurenrpeters wearing her Everyday Flexi Waist Trainer.

All of our Waist Trainers have the same end result, however, there are some differences in our waist trainers. All MinnieGotSkinnie waist trainers are steel boned, and these flexible bones are the reason a waist trainer is great for postural correction and support, and bad backs.

‘Everyday Flexi Waist Trainer’

This is a great waist trainer for the beginner, and perfect for the gym as it is slightly shorter in length than our Classic Luxury Latex Waist Trainer, enabling you to move freely when working out. It is also perforated, allowing ventilation during exercising. The Everyday Flexi Waist Trainer is also made from a high quality Spandex, enabling more stretch in the material than the Classic Luxury Latex waist trainer.

‘Luxury Latex Waist Trainer’

This waist trainer is more structured, due to being made from a thick and high quality latex. It is heavier and stronger therefore is the most popular & recommended waist trainer for people who suffer with posture and back problems. This is also a great waist trainer for cardio, as the thick material encourages perspiration/faster inch loss. Generally, and because of its robust material, this waist trainer will last longer than the Everyday Flexi Waist Trainer, and you may find you achieve results faster.

When to purchase a NEW Waist Trainer.

Seeing results and LOVING IT? Then you probably want to continue your waist training journey.
If you wish to go a size down, simply order the next size waist trainer.
If you do not wish to go a size down and are happy staying with your current waist trainer, simply continue to use your current waist trainer until you want to stop.

When to stop using your Waist Trainer.

Once you have reached your desired results, simply stop wearing your waist trainer. There is always the option to pick up where you left off. Take it step by step and enjoy your waist training journey.

Waist Training age restrictions.

There are no age restrictions with waist training, however, we do advise 18+.


So, now the rumours have been cleared up, what are you waiting for?

Start your waist training journey with us, TODAY! 

Love MGS 


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