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babe of the week: MAYA JAMA

This weeks mega babe is…. MAYA JAMA & we’re covering it all from workout routines to self-love!

So, how does one of the UK’s most hottest, rising stars manage to stay in shape with such a super busy schedule?

“By keeping a positive outlook & not stressing the small things”

Maya told Women’s Health Mag in a recent interview..
“It’s difficult with the job I have – I can’t schedule workouts in advance, I have to grab them when I can, so I want to use that training time wisely.”
Maya continued to add..
“Alice (Maya’s personal trainer) has taught me that it’s the quality of your sessions that counts, not how long you’re in the gym for.”

What exactly does Maya do in her workouts?

Due to having such a busy schedule, Maya says she has learnt “It’s not about how long you train for, but how you train that counts”.

Maya likes to focus on working her bum, so deep squats are something that she swears by.

Maya also does a lot of HIIT training at the gym & we have one of her workout plans below..


Three sets of burpees, jumping squats and planks (non-stop for 20 seconds then 40 seconds rest),
Seated shoulder presses (three sets of ten reps),
Squats (three sets of ten reps),
Crunches (three rounds of 20 seconds non-stop plus a 40 second rest)
Press-ups (three sets of 10 reps)

Repeat the above as one circuit.

How often does Maya workout?

Maya classes herself as a ‘beginner’ in the fitness game (girl you look pro to us!) & has been channelling her extra energy into working out 3-4 times a week.

Maya also makes sure she fits in a 1 hour boxing session once a week with her trainer Bradley Simmonds.

You better worrrrrrk.

Although Maya has been spending a lot of time working on her health & fitness recently, she is still a big believer that you should LOVE YOURSELF & ACCEPT YOUR FLAWS for what they are.

We love how much Maya promotes body confidence & self-love throughout her social media profiles – something we are BIG fans of at MINNIEGOTSKINNIE.

Maya says..
“We all feel rubbish about our bodies sometimes no matter how perfect you might seem on the outside, basically don’t focus on it too much.”

Thanks Maya 😘


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