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We are bringing you the fitness facts behind the rising pop force and total mega babe DUA LIPA

Fact #1 – Dua has such a busy schedule that she only gets to exercise for 15 minutes per day!

That’s right, those killer abs & that simply stunning figure are down to just 15 mins’ of sweat per day. Okay.. we may not be talking a few jumping jacks & a quick walk around the block – but this gives us all hope, right?

Dua told Vogue ‘“It’s high-intensive interval training, but it’s so quick, it’s over before it’s even started!”

Check out this link for some HIIT routine ideas ->

Fact #2 – Mountain climbers, burpees and jumping jacks are her go to moves.

In fact, Dua totally credits these exercises, revealing they get her through the intense, high-energy shows she’s most famous for.

“I’m still trying to see what my boundaries are and how far I can push myself and when I need to rest,” she added. 

Fact #3 – If she’s not feelin’ the above, then boxing is her thing!

“I love boxing in my spare time,” she recently said in a YouTube clip. I like doing it for fitness I like doing it just to kinda’ clear my mind. I really enjoy it.”

So, HIIT, a bunch of cardio classics & a few rounds with the gloves on per week is all we need to look like DUA? Count us in!

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