Is Waist Training safe?

Yes! Minnie Got Skinnie supports the healthy use of a Waist Trainer for enhancing and supporting natural curves while toning muscles, reducing inches, burning fat and general weight loss. Good quality shape wear is as safe as wearing any other type of quality tight fitting clothing. As with all forms of fitness and weight loss, your muscles (which are constantly working while wearing shape wear and part of what makes shape wear effective) do need time to rest and your skin needs time to breathe. Our products are designed to be snug but comfortable and when worn safely (up to 8 hours a day).

How does Waist Training work?

See our page ‘About Waist Training’ for full details

What size should I get?

Please refer to our Sizing Chart, which is an easy guide to finding your size.

 What do the different styles of Waist Trainer do?

All of our Waist Trainers have the same end result, however, there are some differences in our trainers. All Minnie Got Skinnie waist trainers are steel boned, and these flexible bones are the reason a waist trainer is great for postural correction and support, and bad backs.

EVERYDAY FLEXI TRAINER: This is a great trainer for the beginner, and perfect for the gym as it is slightly shorter in length than our Luxury Latex trainer, enabling you to move freely when working out. It is also perforated, allowing ventilation during exercising. The Everyday Flexi Trainer is also made from a high quality Spandex, enabling more stretch in the material than the Luxury Latex trainer.

LUXURY LATEX TRAINER: This waist trainer is more structured, due to being made from a thick and high quality latex (with a soft cotton lining). It is heavier and stronger so this is a trainer that is recommended for people who suffer with posture and back problems (as well as the Fitness Belt, which is also very supportive but shorter in length). This is also a great trainer for cardio, as the thick material encourages perspiration/faster inch loss. Generally, and because of its robust material, this waist trainer will last longer than the Everyday Flexi Trainer, and you may find you achieve results faster.

UNISEX FITNESS BELT: The ultimate fitness accessory, and perfect for both men and women! Made from thick high quality neoprene for complete support when lifting, this belt also promotes perspiration if wearing directly on the skin rather than over clothing. Ideal for postpartum use and new mums who are lifting their child regularly, as well as helping to support the back. This is a great belt for bad backs/posture issues. Double velcro front fastening for easy adjustment when your mid-section reduces.

 Do I exercise and eat normally whilst Waist Training?

We always recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising whilst wearing your waist trainer to get the fastest and healthiest results. Water is hugely important also (2 litres a day is recommended), as it flushes out toxins and keeps your skin healthy (under your trainer and everywhere else!)

 Can I wash my Waist Trainer?

Yes. Please refer to the Garment Care page for info

How long before I see results?

You can see results in as little as a week! Most see results in 2 – 3 weeks usually, although you can reduce your waist by up to 3 inches IMMEDIATELY just by wearing (this is why our Minnies love them for under their clothes – instant slimming!)

 Do I wear my Waist Trainer under or over my clothing?

For the fastest results and to lose inches quickly, wearing your trainer next to your skin is recommended. Some people also like to wear them over their clothes as a fashion accessory!

 Which trainer is best for me?

Please refer to our answer What do the different styles of Waist Trainer do? above for full info.

 Is a Waist Trainer the same as a standard corset?

Absolutely not. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using ‘Corsets’ as they are a lot stronger, tighter and are laced up leaving little to no room for movement and breathing. They have the power to permanently modify or deform the body, forcing the floating ribs upward and compressing the soft tissue at the waist. This could lead to many negative health ramifications, including difficulty breathing and problems with digestion. Standard corsets are also made from material that does not stretch whatsoever, whereas a good quality Waist Trainer like ours is very flexible, allowing normal movement, breathing and safe exercise.

Can men wear a Waist Trainer?

Definitely! The Fitness Belt is the usually the trainer of choice for men, although all are unisex.

I’m allergic to latex, can I still wear the latex Waist Trainer?

Yes. The Luxury Latex trainer has a cotton inner, so the latex does not touch the skin, but you still get all the benefits.

 Do I stop using my Waist Trainer when I reach my desired results?

Yes, simply stop wearing it whenever you reach the size you are happy with, or wear a couple of times a week if you feel you need it. There’s always the option to pick up where you left off. Keep hold of it for instant body contouring under your party dress though!

Do I need a new Waist Shaper when I have lost weight/inches?

It depends on if you want to go down to the next size (most do). If you do then yes, order your next size, or stop at that size.

 Are there any age restrictions with a Waist Trainer?

There are no age restrictions with waist training, however we do advise 18+.