Now you have your new waist trainer, here are a few tips to help you lose those inches, correct your posture, reduce back pain and feel more confident about your figure!

DAY 1 – 2

As your body is not yet used to wearing a waist trainer, we recommend only wearing your trainer for a few hours in the first few days. Breaking in your corset will be like breaking in a new pair of shoes, so be patient! The steel bones will gently mould to your natural body shape with your body heat, making it very comfortable to wear. Is it for this reason that we strongly advise that you do not share your waist trainer with anyone else.


Gradually increase by an hour or two until you are able to wear the trainer throughout the entire day.


Once you have ‘worn in’ your trainer and are wearing regularly, you will start to notice that it feels looser and the clasps close much more easily, this is the time that you should try going down to the smaller set of hooks. Please note: whilst the material used in the trainers is flexible, particularly on our Everyday Trainer, it cannot stretch to the point of no return. Therefore, if you feel you can go down to your next hooks, it’s because you have lost inches, not stretch your waist trainer!

To achieve long term results, your waist trainer should ideally be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate, regular exercise. And of course lots of water!


  Love MGS x